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Attendance & Participation | ENGR 245: Lean Launchpad

Attendance & Participation

Missing Class: You cannot miss the first class without prior approval. If you expect to miss a class, please let a TA and your team members know ahead of time via email.

Intensity: This is a very intense class with a very high workload. If you cannot commit to 15 hours a week outside the classroom, this class is not for you.

Startup Culture: The startup culture at times can feel brusque and impersonal, but in reality is focused and oriented to create immediate action in time- and cash-constrained environments. The teaching team’s main focus is your learning, and we’ll be there for you when you need us. 

Dropping the Course: If during the semester you find you cannot continue to commit the time, immediately notify your team members and teaching team and drop the class.

Behavior in Class: We expect your attention during our presentations and those of your fellow students. If you’re getting bored, tired or inattentive step outside for some air. If we see you reading email or browsing the web we will ask you to leave the class.

Participation: During your classmates’ presentations you will be required to give feedback online. Please be prepared to give your undivided attention to the team at the front of the room.