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Cohort Overview | ENGR 245: Lean Launchpad

Cohort Overview

WinterThe classic Lean Launchpad learning goals with some modern updates. Teams can apply with their own ideas or a list of ideas selected by VCs.
‍Taught by Jeff Epstein (VC at Bessemer), Mar Hershenson (VC at Pear), Tom Bedecarre (CEO of AKQA) & George John (VC at Khosla Ventures). 

Spring: The latest Lean Launchpad curriculum focused on Deep Tech. We are looking for teams built around innovations based on scientific discoveries or engineering advances that have potential to profoundly impact various industries and people’s lives. Preference is given to teams working on technology-driven products (hardware, ai, software, material science, medical, life sciences, chemical, ….) Priority is given to teams who apply with their own ideas.
Taught by Steve Blank, Steve Weinstein (Co-Founder of Kinetrope, CEO of MovieLabs), Heidi Roizen (VC at Threshold Ventures), Tom Bedecarre (CEO of AKQA) and Jennifer Carolan (Co-Founder of Reach Capital).